Costa Rica is the World Headquarters for Fishing Tourism

With the upcoming Offshore World Championship (OWC)being held in April right here in our backyard at the Marina Pez Vela in Quepos, the fishing tourism sector expects to receive more than 800 tourists, generating significant economic benefits for the area. “Performing for the second consecutive year the World Fishing Tournament, called the Offshore World Championship, […]

Tres Ninas Coastal Crawl

Many water enthusiasts have fond memories of Coastal Crawls. These are popular activities throughout the world. What makes a Coastal Crawl with Tres Ninas in Costa Rica unique is that it takes place in one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world. Here you will be taken to 8 different beaches and bays. […]

Summer is here!

It´s been an extremely mild Green Season – there have been days with glorious sunsets, mornings with flawlessly blue skies and yet enough rain to nourish the forests and enhance the greenery, making them gleam like emeralds and polished jade. With the beginning of a new year and season beckoning, Tres Ninas Boat Rental is […]

Operation Mangrove!

As a water-based company passionate about the conservation of marine life and habitats, Tres Ninas Boat Rental wants to spread the word about Operation Mangrove this month. On November 22, 23rd and 24th, the Costa Rican Sea Shepherd volunteers are going to be cleaning up the Playa Guacalillo mangrove ecosystem, which is located near the […]

Turkey Sandwiches on the beach this Thanksgiving

Anyone choosing to spend a family Thanksgiving vacation in Costa Rica is probably leaning away from a more traditional holiday anyway – but you needn’t forgo good food and good times! The best idea for a tropical Thanksgiving in Costa Rica is to have a private Chef cook you a wonderful meal in the comfort […]

Tres Ninas Boat Rental Celebrates Dia de la Raza

If you think it seems like we´re constantly celebrating in Costa Rica, you´re not far from the truth! October brings yet another reason to be merry and Tres Ninas Boat Rental are all about the good times. Across Latin America, October 12th represents Día de la Raza, which in a nutshell means “Columbus Day”, yet […]

Boat Rental Discounts for Costa Rican Independence Celebrations

For the month of September, in honor of Costa Rica´s Independence Day, Tres Ninas Boat Rental will be offering 10% discounts off their regular prices. This discount is extended to all manner of activities, including regular boat rental rates, fishing rod and snorkeling equipment rental, coastal crawl tours and whale watching tours. As we celebrate, […]

Your guide to getting out on the water

The beaches and ocean expanses off of every coastal stretch have their own personality. Some shorelines have a strong water culture, where you can cruise the coast, beach hopping and sampling cocktails as you go. Some waters appear pristine and untouched, where you are a privileged visitor in the domain of whales, dolphins and sea […]

Whales, Dolphins and Sea Turtles in Manuel Antonio National Park

Whales, Dolphins, and Sea Turtles are just some of the amazing creatures you can find in the abundant waters around Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica. Dolphins live primarily off of fish and squid found in shallow tropical seas. Most live in the ocean however there are 5 species of dolphins that live in rivers! […]

Costa Rica Boat Rental Tours

Costa Rica has many boat tour operators but they are not one in the same and there are some criteria you should consider before deciding to tour with any company. For example, is the company reputable? Has its safety been evaluated? Does the company carry insurance? There are three main types of boat adventure options […]


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