The beaches and ocean expanses off of every coastal stretch have their own personality. Some shorelines have a strong water culture, where you can cruise the coast, beach hopping and sampling cocktails as you go.

Some waters appear pristine and untouched, where you are a privileged visitor in the domain of whales, dolphins and sea turtles, and you can snorkel populated reefs. Some bays support a thriving surf culture or the sea can be as flat as a pancake, where you can fish internationally renowned waters. For those who get out on the water off Quepos and Manuel Antonio, you’ll be lucky enough to experience all of the above!
Tres Ninas Boat Rental is a flexible company that appreciates the diversity of the region and offers a variety of water sport activities, ensuring something for every enthusiast. Whether with your family or taking a romantic sunset cruise, you can learn to drive a boat for the first time yourself or take a captained and catered coastal cruise adventure. The centre console boats are specifically designed to be used by anyone who wants to fill up the cooler, plug in their favorite “I’m on a boat” inspired Playlist, and go for a spin.

  • Sunset Cruises – Best from December through May
  • Fishing (with or without a captain) – year round inshore species include small tuna Wahoo Snapper and Roosterfish. Snook are also available from March through May and September through November
  • Snorkeling – Best from December through May
  • Captained Coastal Cruise Tours with tubing rides – fun year round conditions dependent
  • Surf trips to Damas Island – fun year round conditions dependent
  • Guided Whale Watching Tours – Best July through September
  • Self-guided boat rental for fun and exploration – available year round!
  • International “Talk Like A Pirate Day” – Celebrated September 19th – an ideal day to test your sea legs!