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As a water-based company passionate about the conservation of marine life and habitats, Tres Ninas Boat Rental wants to spread the word about Operation Mangrove this month.

On November 22, 23rd and 24th, the Costa Rican Sea Shepherd volunteers are going to be cleaning up the Playa Guacalillo mangrove ecosystem, which is located near the famous “crocodile bridge” on the Río Tarcoles. Many visitors to Quepos and Manuel Antonio will be familiar with this region, more or less, as the crocodile bridge is a popular place to stop on the drive down from San Jose.

The environment that will be the focus of Operation Mangrove is home to more than 400 red macaws, which is an endangered species. In order to help them to survive and thrive we must keep their home in pristine condition, so that their food sources are not compromised and so they don´t get sick. The Costa Rican Sea Shepherd crew are seeking helpers to come and help clean up any trash from the mangroves that has washed down from the river, in addition to donations of food for the helpers, gloves, trash bags or means of transportation.

The Ara Project in Costa Rica has also been a very important non-profit organization, dedicated to the conservation of Costa Rica´s native macaws: the endangered Great Green Macaw and the Scarlet Macaw. Their breeding and reintroduction projects, in conjunction with the Costa Rican Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications (MINAET), have released many healthy birds into the wild, where they can live independently – however it´s up to us to keep the mangrove environments where they live clean.
Mangroves host so much life. The saltwater from the ocean mixes with freshwater from the river, creating a recipe for abundant plant and aquatic life, an array of birds, mammals and reptiles. So next time you´re standing on the Tarcoles Bridge, staring down at the giant crocodiles below, don´t forget that it´s all connected, and help us keep Costa Rica and our lovely mangroves clean and green!