summer is in here

It´s been an extremely mild Green Season – there have been days with glorious sunsets, mornings with flawlessly blue skies and yet enough rain to nourish the forests and enhance the greenery, making them gleam like emeralds and polished jade. With the beginning of a new year and season beckoning, Tres Ninas Boat Rental is ready to welcome the summer season, which promises to be just as spectacular as always.

Summertime in Manuel Antonio promises sunny days and good cheer, and who wouldn´t want to smile when the ocean is sparkling and the drinks are cold? The warm coastal waters of Manuel Antonio are perfect for cruising during the summer months, when the ocean is smooth, calm and clear.

Whether you want to snorkel, fish, take tubing rides, explore the coast and look for marine life, or pack up the surf boards and head to a swell, Tres Ninas is the only boat rental company in Costa Rica that gives you the summertime freedom to relax and play.
While enjoying your day on the water, don´t forget to let Tres Ninas know you want the cooler stocked with your favorite drinks and snacks! If you´ve spent the day in-shore fishing, chances are you could be bringing home some fresh roosterfish, snook or red snapper.

Your catch of the day can be prepared by a private chef or the Tres Ninas crew will happily point you in the direction of which local restaurants will prepare it for you, serving a delicious meal with your favorite summer sides.