blog dia de la raza

If you think it seems like we´re constantly celebrating in Costa Rica, you´re not far from the truth! October brings yet another reason to be merry and Tres Ninas Boat Rental are all about the good times.

Across Latin America, October 12th represents Día de la Raza, which in a nutshell means “Columbus Day”, yet with a varied and far more respectful approach to celebrating all ethnicities.

Since Christopher Columbus (or Cristóbal Colón as he´s known down here) was rumored to know his way around a boat, we feel sure his voyaging spirit would be appreciative of the fact that, thanks to the modern day magic of the Quepos Marina Pez Vela and our for-rent center console boats, now everyone within our fair land can experience a little of the nautical world! Whether you´re an adventurous sailor at heart, longing to discover new lands, or you just want to sit on a boat and drink a little beer, Tres Ninas Boat Rental has just the solution for you.

While we don´t recommend you try to cruise our boats all the way across the Atlantic Ocean you could GPS around Manuel Antonio’s beaches to your heart´s content. There are bays where you can snorkel, take tubing rides, places to fish, or you could even take your surf boards to check out the Damas Island break.

Whatever your thoughts are on the celebration of Día de la Raza, or Columbus Day, the Tres Ninas Boat Rental crew are pleased that in the spirit of travel, adventure and discovery, not only do we get to meet wonderful people from all over the world in our business, but we also get to share one of the most beautiful parts of the world with them. We celebrate our love for being out on the water every day – and that´s a pretty good reason to be merry!